Azusa Lighthouse Mission (HARVEST ROCK FOUNDATION) is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation. Since 1987 we have dedicated ourselves to serving the poor and the homeless and are committed to fighting poverty, homelessness, the causes of it, and the problems related to it. We utilize the resources we obtain from the community and the church to create programs and solutions to help fight the causes of poverty and homelessness.

In Los Angeles, a square mile area of the city has achieved international notoriety as “Skid Row” – a literal hell-hole in the worst part of town. Here the needs of homeless and hopeless people are reflected in the filth and squalor that so often accompany poverty. Here people live in vermin-infested flop houses and shabby “Welfare Hotels” that line crime-filled streets. Drug dealers and streetwalkers ply their trades on every corner and in every alleyway. Here children learn to grow up fast and hard. It’s as important for the children as well as for the adults that Azusa Lighthouse Mission (HRF) work to fight poverty and hunger on Skid Row. You see, the tragedy of poverty is that it robs those who are mired in it, especially young boys and girls, of the single most essential element of life – HOPE. For thousands of families and children to whom escape seems impossible, hopelessness is a life sentence, and Skid Row is their prison. That’s why Azusa Lighthouse Mission through the help of Harvest Rock, focuses on restoring hope in the inner city of Los Angeles.

We bring hope to those whom society sees as “derelicts” or “human Wreckage.” We work with hundreds of people who’ve been wasted by drugs, alcohol, or those who have simply dropped out from the responsibility of maintaining family or employment, We also work with men, women and children who are caught in a web of poverty, or abuse. Many of these lives face few choices they turn to Azusa Lighthouse Mission simply because they know we care and that we will help in every way we can with meaningful programs and services. There is truly a great need in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Please remember we are here every day for the hurting and hungry of our great metropolis.

"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done."  Proverbs 19:17