In 1981 Amy Wang was in the LA County hospital about to give birth. Complications arose and the doctor asked for a decision; her life or the baby's? She said Wangs-Founders"Please save us both." The Christian doctor said, "Only One can save you." God indeed had mercy and a few hours later Amy's son Gabriel was born. Life was very bleak after they were released from the hospital. Amy and her baby found themselves homeless with no home to go to, no money for food or necessary things—Amy lived in fear and misery in the very rough streets of downtown Los Angeles. If it were not for the grace of God and the outreach team from Harvest Tabernacle Church she would not be where she is today. Desiring that others have an opportunity to improve the lives of others like herself, Amy founded the Azusa Lighthouse Mission. Her son Gabriel Wang now ministers to the homeless and runs the day to day operations of the foundation.   

Prior to establishing Azusa Lighthouse Mission from 1982-1984 Amy Wang served as Vice President of Sales for Onyx Trading Inc. and from1984-1987 she served as Vice President of Operations for American Cynergy Corp. located in the heart of the wholesale district in downtown Los Angeles. She has also been very instrumental in coordinating and establishing programs that provide humanitarian relief such as emergency food, clothing, and humanitarian aid with the United Pentecostal Church Organization to the victims of the Gulf Coast Hurricane tragedy "Katrina" and Tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. Having been hungry and homeless in the cold, rough streets of downtown Los Angeles, her call extends far beyond the Board Room of the Azusa Mission. She has also worked within the area of downtown Los Angeles for over 25 years and knows firsthand what the community needs to fight hunger and homelessness.