• Volunteers in Action

  • Volunteers in Action

A Beacon Of Hope

Your Giving Makes The Difference


As a faith based mission we believe in the power of God to change people from within. Hope begins within a willing heart so we work to demonstrate how understanding God’s love is the only way to realize the full potential of every program. Every service we provide is wrapped up in, and presented with a message of God’s love.

Azusa Lighthouse Mission serves hundreds of homeless men, women, and children. The mission and foundation receives no government funds for the ministry of the gospel or for the ministry of compassion in feeding hungry people. Helping the poor is God’s work, and we are entirely dependent on the Lord to speak to the hearts of friends like you who share the vision.



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Our volunteers are the backbone of Harvest Rock Foundation without our volunteers we could not provide the cost effective service that over 1,000 people depend on in our community.  Our foundation has taken on the initiative known as “Each One Teach One.” For this project to be a success, we are going to need a substantial amount of volunteers who can dedicate just a few hours of their time each week to our very worthy organization.  All talents are welcome. 


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