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The opportunities are endless for individuals, corporations, churches, and schools to get involve in fighting hunger and poverty. Someone once said, “The greatest ability that God has given us is ‘availability.’”


DONATE FUNDS: Financial contributions are critical. Because of our efficient operation, for every dollar donated it allows us to distribute healthy fulfilling meals, temporary housing, and chemical addiction programs. We can also provide help or ideas for churches, office, or school fundraisers. All funds are 100% tax deductible.  To make a tax deductible please click on the secure "donate" button, or send checks to:Harvest Rock Foundation, P.O. Box 862375, Los Angeles, CA 90086. Please click here to fill out a donation form to be sent by mail. Thank You!


DONATE FOOD AND CLOTHING: Harvest Rock distributes thousands of pounds of food, clothes, shoes, and hygienic supplies annually to needy families in Los Angeles and abroad.  You can help by holding a can food drive at work, school or local business or by setting up a donation of box for clothing items.  If you work in the food industry or know someone who would benefit from receiving a tax deduction for donating their excess food or clothing, contact Harvest Rock Foundation.  If you have any clothing items you wish to donate you can either drop it off at our mission during scheduled service times (directions are on our contact page) or we can make a pickup arrangement for both food and clothing items. 


VOLUNTEER: Our volunteers are the backbone of Azusa Lighthouse Mission. Without our volunteers we could not provide the cost effective service that over 1,000 people depend on in our community.  Our foundation has taken on the initiative known as “Each One Teach One.” For this project to be a success, we are going to need a substantial amount of volunteers who can dedicate just a few hours of their time each week to our very worthy organization.  All talents are welcome. Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Form. Thank You!


PRAY FOR THE MISSION: Encouraging words and inspirational prayer can uplift, comfort and heal us.  Sometimes when we are in great difficulty or own prayers are not enough.  We need help and the added light of other people praying for us and with us. 


BECOME A PARTNER IN MISSION: Visit our Foreign Mission


"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done."  Proverbs 19:17